After School Program

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Construct 3

DEBUG: After School Game Development Classes!

From Players to Game Makers.

Games are a medium that most kids can relate to and we believe making games is a fertile ground for their learning.

In our courses, students will have the exciting opportunity to build their very own games, using Construct 3. Through the lens of game development, they will be encouraged to unleash their creative instincts in design, coding, art and more. We believe that learning should be challenging fun, and our curriculum is specifically designed to make every lesson an enjoyable experience.

Game development becomes a playful learning journey where students explore digital tech skills like coding / programming in a creative and interactive way.

It is a wonder and a privilege to witness young people bringing their creations to life, and our instructor will be there every step of the way to guide them. As an experienced game developer and educator, Alex will lead the way, ensuring that your children gain valuable insights while crafting their unique games.

Alex also has a background in Psychotherapy, giving him an understanding of the diversity of student personalities and approaches to learning. We create a supportive and inclusive environment for young learners. This course isn’t just about technology; it’s about connection, challenge, personal growth, confidence, and the joy of learning.

Our courses are progressive and we will be introducing more complex courses in future, including a course in Unity.

So, if your young ones are interested in getting into Game Development or if you have any further questions, please get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions and send you the full curriculum.

Our classes are limited to 10 students so book now to ensure they get a place!

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An After-School DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Club

2 decades ago, a warrior turned mayor of a quaint town did the impossible. In a desperate attempt to stop a Tarrasque from obliterating his beloved town, Soran hatched a Shadow Phoenix, curbed its evil nature and taught it to use its dark power for good.

At present, Soran’s town is now a hub and take-off point for a lot of adventurers or just curious travelers, hoping to get a glimpse of the mighty Shadow Phoenix that took down the Tarrasque and protects the citizens of Imhola.

Under the banner of the Shadow Phoenix, where will your next adventure take you?

Create your own character and go through a quest with other adventurers and discover a world as far as your imagination can reach! This is an 8-week quest that runs Wednesdays & Fridays after school.

Be free & unleash your inner hero.

Join the club today! $240/term (8 sessions).

Please NOTE that bookings are essential and that sessions require a minimum number of players to run. 

After School War Roosters Club


Join our After-School War Roosters Club on Wednesdays and discover the exciting world of tabletop war gaming. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, our community will guide you through the game and ensure you have a crow-ing good time. No matter your level, you’ll be part of an amazing crew that welcomes all gamers.


After School PC Gaming Special


The Game Roost After School PC Gaming special is back 😊

For just $20, we’ll look after the little ones and keep them entertained with 3 hours of PC Gaming, plus they get a FREE Slushy!

Choose from Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite (if they’re allowed to) or they can try it all and much, much more!

If you need more than 3 hours or beyond the scope of the promo, please come and talk to us about it.

Come and give us a go, your safe haven for gaming ❤

We accept casual bookings. Just call or pop us a message to book a spot!